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"We exist to see the lost saved and the Church changed
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Confused about "kingdom circles" and the convolution of commonality of religions instead of the exclusivity of Christian faith?

Here are two resources. Elijah Abraham's video "Why 'Kingdom Circles' are Blasphemous" (Watch) and  Elijah Abraham with Eric Barger on "Understanding the Times" August, 2014 (Listen).



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Discernment Isn't An Option

Terrific Look at End-Times Prophecy

The Proof and the Power of the Resurrection

What Can We Learn From World Vision's Mistake

Obama to relinquish remaining control over the Internet

Is hyper-critical name calling REALLY contending for the Faith?

Skeptic Alert: Did Jesus Trust the Old Testament?

Islam's Westward March

Five Minutes with the Cultist at Your Door

Apostasy's Results: The Scattering of the Sheep

The Growth of Spiritual Formation Programs in Evangelical Seminaries and Colleges

The Deception of Chrislam
Intro Video Clip

The Deception of "Chrislam"

When Discernment Turns Ugly

Isn't Evolution Based on Science and Creation Just a Religious Belief? - Jay Seegert

How to Spot the Emergent Church
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The Errors of the Emergent Church" (revisited)

More on "Divorced FROM Church?"

Divorced FROM Church?

The Death of Discernment - How The Shack Became the #1 Bestseller in Christianity

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Latest Broadcasts with Eric on
"Understanding the Times"

Will Artificial Intelligence Rule the World? (Part 1) (January 20, 2018)
Jan Markell and Eric Barger begin a two-part series with Pastor Billy Crone on artificial intelligence (AI). Developers say "robot messiahs" will solve all the world’s problems. Churches may be founded to worship AI. Promoters simply want this to replace God. If AI is going to rule the world, how does this fit into the end-times? We use the mobile app found at

A Warning to the World (December 23, 2017)
Jan Markell and Eric Barger feature British commentator Melanie Phillips who gives a warning to the world. Britain, and all of Europe, threw God out and made government and multi-culturalism their gods. Her book, Londonistan, is a warning that the free world should not make the same mistake. Londonistan is likely coming to your neighborhood. Phillips is Jewish and gives advice to President Trump on the "peace process" between Israel and her enemies. They consider France’s new President Macron and conclude he could be an apocalyptic player because of his plans for Europe. Learn more at

End-Time Converging Trends (December 2, 2017)
Jan Markell and Eric Barger welcome Ron Rhodes. They discuss his newest book, End-Time Super Trends. It seems the future is now with exploding trends which are God’s "intel in advance." From the rush to globalism and a cashless society, the world is racing towards a final destination. Events are morphing as never before. Learn of the 15 trends affecting you today.

When Will the Believing Be Leaving? (November 25, 2017)
Jan Markell and Eric Barger spend the hour with Pastor Billy Crone discussing the Rapture and Rapture timing. They refute those who put down the biblical pre-Tribulation Rapture and explain why. The Tribulation judges the pagan world and brings Israel to faith. There is confusion partly because today’s church is silent. Hear the mockers call the "blessed hope" the "blasted hope." We recommend his book and DVD products on this issue and other topics found at

Access Eric's Complete "Understanding the Times" Radio archive here


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Dancing With Demons (November 11, 2017)

Infiltration: Exposing the Darkness
(Part 1) (June 18, 2016)

Preparing for Perilous Times
(April 23, 2016)

When a Prophet is a False Prophet (January 2, 2016)

Preparing for What is To Come (December 12, 2015)

The Most Dangerous Cult: Liberalism (September 12, 2015)


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"I believe Eric is one of the premier Christian Apologists traveling the country today."
- Rev. Bob Fort, Chairman, United Evangelical Churches

"Eric Barger is one of the most knowledgeable defenders of the faith on the Christian scene today. Equally important, he is a down-to-earth effective communicator who is able to make complex ideas understandable to the average person. But even more important is the fact that everything he has to offer is thoroughly grounded in the Word of God."
- Dr. David R. Reagan (

"We have invited Eric to speak 23 times since 1987. I highly recommend his ministry."
- Pastor Milton Hubbard

"Eric's articulate presentation of carefully researched information is solidly based in Scripture and life-changing in its impact."
- Pastor Jim Keys

"Over the years we have had Eric at our church many times. We have always found his ministry to be balanced and to the point. He has helped our church stay focused and walk in the will of God."
Pastor Sam Buckingham

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