The Cults


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Mormonism

What About the Word "Cult?" (Pastor Robert Jeffress, Mormonism, Mitt Romney and the Media)

Evangelicals Courting the Mormons?

Presenting the "New" Mormonism - with the same Old Heresies

The Mormon Jesus vs. The REAL Jesus

Five Minutes with the Cultist at Your Door - Ed Decker

Eric Hosts "Understanding the Times" Radio 6/25/2011 on Could Mormonism EVER Considered to be Christian? (Guests: Former Mormons Ed Decker and Jim Spencer)

The Similarities of Muhammad and Joseph Smith

An Open Letter Concerning Glenn Beck

More Concerning Glenn Beck and Mormonism

Glenn Beck's New Book Reveals He Embraces New Age Theology, Is a Knowledgeable Mormon, and a Universalist - Brannon Howse

Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?

The Emergent Mormon Church - Ed Decker

Mormonism: Christian or Cult?

Mormons and Christians: How far is too far?
Before You Jump on Mitt Romney's Bandwagon...
The Common Ground of Rick Warren & Mitt Romney
Mormons Are Christians? Joel Osteen Declares that Romney's "Jesus is Our Jesus

D.N.A. Research & The Origin of the Book of Mormon

D.N.A. & the Book of Mormon - UPDATE

"Christianity Today" reports on LDS and DNA

Dating a cultist (in this case a Mormon) is nothing but TROUBLE!

They Teach a "Different Jesus!" (Why Mormonism is Wrong, If For No Other Reason)

Is the Mormon Jesus the REAL Jesus?

The Mormon Church and its Desperate Attempt to Appear "Christian"

Its a Sad Fact but Mormonism IS a Cult

Tell Me Again, You Are My Brother? - Jim Spencer

Why I Love Mormons but not Mormonism - Jim Spencer

Why Christians Cannot Afford to Validate Mormonism - Jim Spencer

OUT of Mormonism! - Ed Decker's Story

My Journey out of Mormonism - Dianne Pomon's Story

Do They REALLY Believe That?

Mormon Temple Ritual Changes

Joseph Smith and the Temple of Doom


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Jehovah's Witnesses

Prince a Christian? - Is He Really Smiling Now?

When the Watchtower Knocks - quick tips to reach the JW's at your door

Five Minutes with the Cultist at Your Door - Ed Decker

Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses - Natalie Pappas

Witnessing to "the Witnesses" - Ed Decker

Jehovah's Witness Lecture Notes - Ed Decker

Are Jehovah's Witnesses "Christian"?

Questions To ask Jehovah's Witnesses


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Freemasonry

Three Quick Reasons Why No Christian Should be a Freemason

Christ or the Lodge?
A Presbyterian Report on Freemasonry

Freemasonry: The Trojan Horse - Pastor Pierce Dodson

Freemasonry vs. Christianity

The TRUTH about the Founding Fathers and Freemasonry

Christianity and Freemasonry - a Proclamation

Should a Christian Swear an Oath?

A Biblical Look at The Masonic Lodge - Ed Decker

Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge

Freemasonry and the Southern Baptist Convention

Freemasonry and the Southern Baptist Convention - MORE

Freemasonry and the Occult

The FATAL Flaw of the Eastern Star


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Universalism

The (False) Gospel of Inclusion

Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?

Doctrines of Demons - Universalism - David Shibley

Answering Carlton Pearson's "Inclusionism" Heresy

The "Universal" Mistake


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Seventh Day Adventist

NOTE: There are many fine folks in the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church. It is our belief that many of them are indeed Christians and are honestly and truly redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, there has been considerable official SDA teaching which is centered in works-based, Law-keeping, Old Testament beliefs, such as mandatory Sabbath worship as a prerequisite to be saved.

Just as troubling is the much discussed position of SDA founder, Ellen G. White concerning the identity and full deity of Jesus Christ. Mrs. White apparently held to a position related to that of Arius, the fourth century heretic who did not believe that Jesus Christ was a part of the Godhead. Today, most Adventist leaders, and probably a larger percentage of laypeople, hold to an orthodox view of the Trinity and reject the speculation that Jesus was Michael the Arch Angel, a position help by the Millerites and their now estranged cousins, the Jehovah's Witnesses.

I (Eric Barger) have had many detailed discussions on these issues with Adventists. Many who have contacted me to challenge me do so because they have been taught that Sabbath worship is mandatory for salvation. I believe that anyone believing this is trusting in "Jesus plus their own works" and is in spiritual jeopardy. However, though not central to one's salvation, I find the most egregious official SDA Church position (i.e., the one farthest from orthodoxy that today's Adventists hold to) is their beliefs about eschatology and the end times.

Are they a Cult? I can't say that everyone who embraces the SDA is cultic. It does appear that the higher one seems to hold Mrs. White in esteem, the further away from orthodox Christianity one moves. But just as with each person in every church today, we need to individually examine what we believe against the backdrop of the Bible - not whether its Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, or Adventist, etc - to see if we have either added to or subtracted from the central or essential doctrines that comprise the Christian faith.

For more on this topic I suggest folks download or order a copy of my 24 page Take A Stand! Journal What Every Christian Should Know About Seventh-Day Adventism and Israel in the Last Days. Click Here for more.

Seventh Day Adventists: Christian or Cultic? - Dr. David Reagan

SDA Errors in Eschatology - Dr. David Reagan (see page 12 and following of this file)


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Cults - general

Jesus Paid the Cost So We Could Reach the Lost! - Ed Decker & Eric Barger

What is a Cult? - Jim Spencer

More on "What is a Cult?"

The MOST Dangerous Cult

Jesus and the Cults - Ed Decker

Witnessing to the Cults - Ed Decker

Watchman Fellowship Cult Index

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