take_a_stand_full.1.jpg (17520 bytes)

"Discerning the Times in the Light of the Word"

EricMel2.jpg (23404 bytes)

Eric & Melanie after a seminar.

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Praise the Lord for the message He's given us!

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Our Mission: To Challenge the Church and Reach the World!

cwc2002.1.ds.jpg (27501 bytes)

Eric at 2002 Christian Workers Conference, Spokane, WA

cwc2002.2.ds.jpg (40128 bytes)

14 were saved in Eric's sessions during the
2002 Christian Workers Conference, Spokane, WA!!

cwc2002.3.ds.jpg (44939 bytes)

Hundred's listen as Eric teaches on "The Occult Invasion" from the book Entertaining Spirits Unaware at CWC in Spokane.

eb-sed-sem.ds.1.jpg (41700 bytes)

Sedalia, MO in 2001

eb-ed.ds.jpg (36263 bytes)

Eric and Saints Alive's Ed Decker

eb-db.ds.4.jpg (39976 bytes)

Eric and co-author David Benoit

bar.towns.ben.ds.1.jpg (26962 bytes)

David Benoit, Dr. Elmer Towns and Eric

missourimoon.ds.jpg (13794 bytes)

Missouri Moon - On the road Nov. 2003

mobile12-2003.jpg (16144 bytes)

Kelly McGinley of "Retaking America"
in Mobile, AL with Eric & Melanie

eb-mb-12-2003.ds.jpg (20382 bytes)

Eric & Melanie, December 2003

Girls2.jpg (31092 bytes)

Casie & Kaylee 1999 - We LOVE our granddaughters!

key.cas.5.2001.ds.jpg (36682 bytes)
On the way to school (2001)

girls7ds.jpg (39601 bytes)

Casie & Kaylee 2001 - They're growin' up!

Girls5.jpg (8678 bytes)

With our good friend and original webmaster, Ted.

kenzie.1.ds.jpg (22875 bytes)

Our newest (3rd) granddaughter, Kenzie.
Born Jan 22, 2003

Kenzie2.ds.jpg (20081 bytes)

Kenzie's smile is nearly permanent!

eb-mb.85.ds.jpg (20686 bytes)

One of the first seminars - 1985

eb.85.ds.jpg (25004 bytes)

"My, he looks too young to be a preacher!"

eb-mb.86.ds.jpg (25939 bytes)

On the road in 1986

Van.jpg (11740 bytes)

The "new" ('96 model)
Take A Stand! Ministries Van!
Thanks to all our friends and supporters!

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Ron & Marlee Hawes
Take A Stand! Texas coordinators

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