Prophecy, End-Times, Israel,
New World Order,
Globalism, the Environment,
and Government

Barack Obama is not seeking "Legacy" by Sylvia Thompson

The Case for His Return

Are You Focused on Doom Instead of Him?

The List: 2015 (September events)

Concerned About "Common Core" Curriculum?

Obama to relinquish remaining control over the Internet

Obama isn't the Antichrist. He's Just Acting Like It! - Executive Order 12425 invites INTERPOL to operate in USA with immunity and without oversight

Obama's Secret Vault - Chuck Norris (more on why Obama amended Executive Order 12425)

The Coming Peril in Defending the Faith - The Copenhagen Treaty, The UN's "Defamation of Religions" and Apostate Christians

Bible Prophecy and the Occult - Discover how Bible Prophecy predicts today's Occult Explosion
Special Guest: Jill Martin Rische.
Access all four Take A Stand! Radio episodes in this series archived here. Order Eric's DVD on this topic here.

Will the World End in 2012? - Dr. David Reagan

Mark Hitchcock on the Factors Involved in 2012

Dr. David Reagan on the Different End Time Viewpoints

Global Warming Petition Project (May 2008) - over 31,000 scientists, including over 9,000 PHD's have concluded that man has nothing to do with global warming!

The Environmentalist's Dirty Little Secret

Fire and Ice - Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but canít decide weather we face an ice age or warming - By R. Warren Anderson and Dan Gainor
(originally published at:

A Scientist's View on Climate Change - Dr. S. Fred Singer debunks Global Warming in the November, 2009, Costco magazine Costco Connection

Earth Worship and the Taliban?

The New World Order: Why YOU Need to Know!

What's Wrong With "Philadelphia II"?

NATO Expansion treaty

The Clinton's and Tikkun: a Cult Love Affair


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