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The Environmentalist's Dirty Little Secret
Leading weather scientist blows whistle on Global Warming farce
by Eric Barger

Thank God for honest scientists and bold politicians who are not on the take from far left billionaire activist George Soros, being bankrolled by the bunch at the U.N. or beholden to the bulk of left-wing politicians and pundits! 
When renowned hurricane specialist, Dr. William Gray recently spoke out about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize it gave hope that honestly, integrity and truth were still the driving force behind some in the scientific community today. Dr. Grey nailed it in stating that Al Gore and the Environmentalists are driven by nothing more than a the lust for power and money and that it surely can't be science. Gray is not alone. President Klaus of the Czech Republic chided the U.N.'s "we're all gonna die and its our fault" crowd when he told them on September 24th that global warming is not understood and the campaign Gore has promoted is wildly inconsistent with the evidence. Fred Singer, professor emeritus of Climatology at the University of Virginia states there are at least 500 credible scientists who agree with Klaus' synopsis. And Lord Moncton, Lady Thatcher’s science adviser, has challenged Gore to a debate based upon 35 errors he has found in Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth." Gore has refused to debate anyone concerning the factual merits of his positions. The problem is that you wouldn't know about any of this pesky dissension if you just got news from CNN, MSNBC or The New York Times or Washington Post. They either ignore the growing outcry from the academic world or the bury the story so deeply that snow plows couldn't chisel it out into view.
The bottom line is that many of the same "scientists" who not long ago fueled the hysteria of a looming Ice Age have flipped 180 degrees. The reason: they must make certain they get their allotted grants from those who wish to use them to validate controlling (read that "socializing") us. As for the media's part, they generate sell papers and garner viewer ship based on hysteria. Plus, in Gore's case, they are helping one of the darlings on the left to save face after the cowboy from Texas captured the Presidency in 2000.
Even honest lefties such as the late Dr. Dixie Lee Ray have been shut out of the discussion as to man's part in the warming of the earth. Just disagree with the party line and you lose your voice - and your money. Ray was disbarred from the Rio Earth Summit in the 80's for bucking the powers that be. Now it's Dr. Gray's turn. (Again, the articles linked below contain the research this article refers to and are "must reading.")
Think twice before you buy into the "Global Warming" rhetoric that is presented everyday as a fact.
"Mankind is considered (by the radical environmentalists) the lowest and the meanest of all species and is blamed for everything.... No question about that, the radicals are in charge." -- Dixie Lee Ray


In 1993 I recorded a video on this very topic which is still relevant today. Click Here for info on "The New World Order and the Environment (or...How to Rule the World Through Fear!)"

(c) copyright 2007, Eric Barger


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