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Disarming the Powers
of Darkness

Fearless Conquerors in the Spiritual War

by Eric Barger and David Benoit

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Liner Endorsements

“Many Christian today suffer from battle fatigue, and with good reason. The front line of this spiritual battle is everywhere. May the pages of this book, Disarming the Powers of Darkness, be a source of encouragement and strength for every soldier who strives to be all that they can be for God.”

- Dr. Jerry Falwell
Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church
Lynchburg, VA
“Everyone should read the insights of Eric Barger and David Benoit in this excellent new book, Disarming the Powers of Darkness. May God bountifully bless the production of this important work.”

- D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Eric Barger has masterfully demonstrated his knowledge of the spiritual war throughout his years in ministry. Disarming the Powers of Darkness is just the book we need in these end-times.”

- Ed Decker
Author, The God Makers

“David Benoit has not written a theoretical book for someone doing a research paper on the powers of darkness, he has written an action-oriented book for those who confront the powers of darkness in their life and ministry. Because David Benoit has been successful in his ministry of helping people by freedom in Christ, I recommend his writings, especially his latest book, Disarming the Powers of Darkness.”

- Elmer L. Towns, Dean
School of Religion
, Liberty University

Foreword - Dr. Jerry Falwell

Table of Contents

About the Authors

All rights reserved. Copyright 2002, 2016 Eric Barger and David Benoit


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