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Eric Barger (Bar-jer) is a well known conference speaker, author and evangelist with a no-nonsense message for today. His challenging, biblically based "Take A Stand!" Seminar series has been held in churches across North America since 1984. Coming from the world of rock music as a professional musician, recording engineer, and record producer, Eric was lost in New Age mysticism and drug addiction. Then, in 1981, he met Jesus Christ! Eric is now a recognized author of several books including the Christian bestseller, From Rock to Rock. He has written for USA Today and has been featured on hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts and widely across electronic and print media. His evangelical teaching ministry concerning issues such as the New Age movement, the cults, spiritual warfare, and current events in the light of Bible prophecy is headquartered in Washington State, where he resides with his wife, Melanie. To bring him to your church, to receive his free newsletter or to request a materials list, CLICK HERE or contact:

Take A Stand! Ministries
P.O. Box 279
Spanaway, WA 98387
or online at www.ericbarger.com.


David Benoit (Ben-wah) accepted Christ as Savior in 1972 after a rebellious teenage life had led him to reform school. He is now a graduate of Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University ). In 1984, he founded Glory Ministries, an evangelistic ministry. His expertise in exposing the New Age movement and the occult led him to author two books, Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out and Who’s Watching the Playpen? He has hosted his own daily radio talk show in Dallas, been interviewed on various Christian programs including the Inspirational Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Moody Broadcasting, "Point of View with Marlin Maddoux," Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Bob Larson Live. He is also a frequent guest host for the Southwest Radio Church program. David has the rare ability to communicate his message to young people, as well as to parents, using humor and interesting facts. His goal is to strengthen the family and to give them the biblical tools they need to live in these troubled times. David resides in the Lynchburg , Virginia area, with his wife Debbie, and children, Brandon and Lindsay. Contact him through:

Glory Ministries
114 Trading Block Ln
Forest , VA 24551
or online at www.gloryministries.com


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