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Disarming the Powers
of Darkness

Fearless Conquerors in the Spiritual War

by Eric Barger and David Benoit

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Table of Contents

Foreward - Dr. Jerry Falwell

Introduction: The Call To War

 1. You ARE in a War!

 2. The Ground Rules for Warfare—Knowing Your Enemy & Knowing Who You Are

 3. "Fruitful" Warfare—Preparing for Battle

 4. There’s Power in the Blood!

 5. There’s Power in the Word!

 6. What You Think and What You Say—Does Satan Know Your Thoughts?

7. What You Do and What You Use—Silence Means Defeat!

8. Examining the Armor of God—Truth and Righteousness

9. SHOES and a HAT to match!

10. Shielded by FAITH

11. Two Big Guns—PRAYER and the WORD!

12. The Battle Cry of Praise

13. CAUTION: The Psychic "Hotline" is Called "Hot" for a Reason

14.  The Fascination with Fear; The Failure of Ignorance

15. What Then Must We Do?

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2002, Eric Barger and David Benoit


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