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Eric & Melanie Barger

EXPOSING Dan Brown's Da Vinci Fantasy -

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This NEWEST video presentation from Eric Barger provides documented evidence and answers to refute the historical inaccuracies and theological heresy found in author Dan Brown's blockbuster book and movie.

However, this is much more than just an expose' on The Da Vinci Code.
It speaks to the very heart of Christianity...how did the Bible come about...how do we know Jesus is divine???


* Was Jesus married and was there a cover-up?

* Is the Bible complete or are there more books which the
Emperor Constantine ordered suppressed?

* Was the Council at Nicea (325 A.D.) forced to declare Jesus divine?

Every Christian should be able to give a defense for our faith!
(I Peter 3:15, Titus 1, Jude 3-4)

Be equipped to dialog and evangelize those seeking answers!


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