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"Now in our 26th year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger


This DVD includes all four of Eric's "Christ in Prophecy" TV programs aired internationally in August and September, 2009 with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

Topics Covered Include:

* The need for Biblical Apologetics today
* The Errors of the Emergent Church
* The facts about The Shack book
* The MOST Dangerous Cult
* The New Age Movement and Oprah
* Is the Allah of Islam actually Jehovah God?
* Why we MUST biblically discern the doctrines and practices of others - including Christians
* The Prophetic Challenges Facing Biblical Christians Today
* Eric's Testimony
* And More!!!

Lamb and Lion Ministries wrote: Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones interview one of Christendom's leading apologists, Eric Barger, founder and director of Take A Stand! Ministries.

When Eric was saved, he was a rock and roll musician and drug addict who was deeply involved in the New Age Movement. His amazing transformation into a leading defender of the Christian faith is truly a miracle of God.

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Topics include:
Mormonism, New Age and Cults, Apologetics, Liberalism/Purpose Driven Philosophy, Spiritual Warfare, Islam, Harry Potter, Rock Music/Eric's Testimony


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