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PORNOGRAPHY: The God of the Bod

by Michael Tummillo

Satan's best kept secret is experiencing a revival.

It's time to expose it!

In the 1980's, due to the efforts of many Christian organizations,
pornography in the USA was on the decrease.  Today, on the Internet, there
are 7 million porn sites with 10,000 new sites starting up WEEKLY!  This does
not include the magazines, movies, videos, cable, clubs, etc., all of which
have already made porn so easily accessible.

Considering that there's nothing new under the sun, it should not surprise us
that the enemy of our souls (minds, will and emotions) would choose seduction
as the tool with which to begin dismantling the spiritual fiber of the Body
of Christ.  Nothing new?  Remember Balaam, the prophet with the talking
donkey (Numbers 22)?  When he was unable to place a curse upon the
Israelites, his advice to the Moabites (the descendants of the sexual union
of Lot and his daughters), was to have the Moabite women SEDUCE the
Israelites and draw them away from their faith thus weakening them as a
nation (Numbers 25 & 31:16).

Using Israel as a "type" of the body of Christ, wouldn't it stand to reason
that 50% of all our ministers surveyed anonymously responded that they DO
look at porn?  This addiction impacts their marriages, their ministries, and
their flocks. When pillars fall, people get hurt. Smite the shepherd, scatter
the sheep (Mark 14:27).

Nothing new.

Porn is idolatry (Romans 1:24-25) and multitudes are being lured into its
deceptive grasp daily.  It's addictive and, like every addiction, it promises
satisfaction but leaves the victim coming up empty each time, needing more.
The porn addict just can't wait till next time, often counting the minutes
till they can see it again.  

The devil knew what he was doing.  We're sexual beings, designed for
reproduction, to "be fruitful and multiply."  As sinful creatures, we are
inclined to favor the body, and that which we see, over the soul, or the
things that are spiritual, and that which we cannot see.  Once we're involved
in idolatry, worshipping the creature (the body) rather than the Creator,
we're a prime candidate to become a porn addict, deceiving ourselves into
thinking we can quit any time.  

Scientists say that the visual stimulus of porn causes a hormone to be
secreted into the bloodstream by the nervous system which goes into the
brain, "locking" the pleasing image into the mind.  Therefore, viewing
pornographic images becomes just like a drug causing the repeated need for a
"fix."  This addiction is literally as hard to overcome as that of cocaine!
 Porn is as far away as the next thought.  We cannot run from our minds or
our bodies.  It's a mind-emotion-body-drug-thing and the devil knows it.

So, what's the harm?  To begin with, it's an obvious lie!  We are 3-part
beings, Body, Soul & Spirit.  Porn only shows us 1/3 of what those who are
modeling are all about: the body.  They are not sex objects...they're people
made in the image of God and He loves them.  Jesus died for them.  They,
along with the photographers, publishers, designers, club managers, and all
who are associated, need our prayers, NOT our participation.  These people
are somebody's relatives, a son or daughter, perhaps with a praying
grandmother who needs you to join her in prayer.  

The largest consumers of porn in the USA are 12 to 17 years old.  Strangely,
eighty per cent of sexual assault victims are under 18.  See any connection?
 We become what we surround ourselves with.  It's a $1-billion dollar per
year industry offering unlimited access without accountability.  Not only
that, but porn opens the door for additional habits and addictions including
viewing strip shows, prostitution, immorality, infidelity, and sexual
selfishness, thus affecting marriages. More?  Since addictions generally
attract other addictions, alcohol, smoking, drugs, theft, and crime usually
lurk nearby.

Porn addicts often find sexual partners to help them fulfill their fantasies.
 They may even marry with this intent.  Though they may actually fall in
love, the addict's craving for porn coupled with the desire to reenact the
porn they've seen but with their unwilling partner thus takes its toll on the
relationship.  Over 80% of those who come out of porn say that it distorted
their sexuality.  They admit to its deception, causing them to believe they'd
be OK once they had a sex partner through marriage.  Some say that the porn
they viewed through curiosity caused them to question their sexual
preferences as they exposed themselves to every conceivable act, thereby
damaging their self-image.  And it's not only a male problem. Girls are
equally as vulnerable.  

As with any addiction, the deeper one gets into porn, the further they drift
from God.  Though He promises never to leave or forsake us, unworthiness sets
in, hindering our opportunities for growth in Him. Additional consequences
include: hindered and destroyed relationships, partners feeling inadequate to
please, self-condemnation, emotional strain, depression, rejection, and even

Is there hope?  Yes!  There IS a way out.  Don't be ashamed.  If you need
help, ask. Seek counsel, prayer, accountability.  Follow these six steps:

1. Be honest with yourself right away.  Acknowledge the problem
2. Make yourself accountable.  Shine the light of truth on the problem.
"Confess your sins to one another" (James 5:16).
3. Dispose of materials.  Get a filtering service, move the computer to the
family room (7 in 10 Christian homes have the Internet but only 1 in 10 have
4.  Be patient.  Resist defeat.  Gradually in, gradually out.
5.  Remember that GOD delivers and gives grace to the humble.
6.  Pray for the individuals whose images may captivate your mind.  Ask God
to break your heart to help anyone trapped in this industry or struggling
with porn addiction.

From MTV to cable, magazine covers to classified sections, strip joints to
the Internet, you do NOT want this to become a dominant factor in your life.
God is with us.  Let's take ground today!
Rom 1:24-25
Ephesians 5:3
1 Corinthians 10:13
John 3:19-21
James 4:7
Matthew 5:28
Ps. 51:3-4
Isaiah 1:18-19
Numbers 32:23
Prov. 16:2

If you're into porn and you want prayer or pastoral counsel, E-Mail or IM us
here at YT4J today.  Perhaps your spouse or a friend needs help and you
recognize the effect of porn on your relationship. You can both become
wounded healers.  This is not the time for shame or embarrassment.  God loves
you and wants to use his people to guide you out of the slimy pit of porn.
 Then you can help others. Recovering porn addicts say you cannot do this
yourself. Satan is using every medium to destroy Christians everywhere
through porn.  If he can use the Internet, SO CAN WE!  This IS a winnable
war!  We need more soldiers to pray, to disciple, to help those who have
fallen to rise again in power!
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