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Looking for God in Harry Potter?

I recommend every reader to read the thorough and scholarly rebuttal of John Granger's book, Looking for God in Harry Potter which can be found at: http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/04/harry-granger.htm. As always, Berit Kjos has done a masterful, detailed analysis of a very tough subject.

On the other hand, there is a glowing review of Granger's book on FaithfulReader.com. The reviewer is Marcia Ford. Below is a copy of an email I sent her 1/20/05.


Marcia Ford

RE: Your review of Looking for God in Harry Potter


Please do not take this as a facetious retort but after reading your review of the book, Looking For God in Harry Potter (found at: http://www.faithfulreader.com/reviews/1414300913.asp) I need to ask two simple questions:

(1) Do you honestly believe the Scriptures - every word - as the only inerrant and inspired word of God? And, (2) do you believe that when God's word uses the strongest condemnatory language possible in wholly forbidding His children from participation in or showing agreement with the world of the occult that His Word is for you?

Perhaps as with so many Christians today, you are simply ignorant to the clear cut instruction which God's Word lays out about topics like sorcery, witchcraft and supernaturalism.

Supernatural power only comes from two sources Marcia, God or Satan. Since God never contradicts His Word, it is a biblical deduction that the Harry Potter novels (no matter how much someone like Granger may try and squeeze and cultivate a "Christian" theme from them) are based upon a satanic supernatural premise.

How does God view His children advocating the works of the enemy for pleasure? Do we not realize how much the church is in spiritual jeopardy today? How can we expect God to bless, protect and provide when we persist in filling our hearts, minds and homes with images and literature that His word expressly forbids?

After researching, writing on and speaking about the occult for over 21 years, I wonder just how many young people are being led into a lifetime of occultism (or at least an acceptance of the occult as a viable way of life) resulting in an eternity of separation from God by works like John Granger's and, may I add, by your promotion of it?

Prayerfully yours,

Eric Barger
Take A Stand! Ministries


(c) copyright 2005, Eric Barger

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