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A "Peaceful" Religion?

Text of email from America Muslim leader
exposes the truly violent intent of Islam

Ever since the events of September 11th the public debate has raged about the true roots of Islam and whether the Quran (or as some spell it, the Koran - the only allegedly "inspired" book that all Muslim's agree on) teaches violence and death as a solution to eliminate those who do not convert or conform to the teachings of Mohammed.

It is no small surprise that Muslims, especially those in the west, deny the idea that their God (Allah) and his "prophet" calls for the "death of the infidels." Even when faced with quotes taken directly from the Quran which clearly call for the killing of Jews, Christians and others classified as "infidels", Muslims attempt to sidetrack the conversation or simply say that we are reading from the wrong version of the Quran or that the Sura's (verses) in question really don't mean what they say.

We've all heard the pundits and politicians defend Islam as a "great" and "peaceful" religion. While our political leaders are taking this stand to maintain their leadership in the secular affairs of government, I find it odd that so few in the media have challenged the roots of violent Islamic acts which come directly from the Quran. It is called "unloving"; it is not politically correct and it certainly goes against the grain of building the dream religion of the United Nations but the truth is the truth and Christians cannot afford to avoid it just to appear cooperative.

Franklin Graham has called Islam like it is; so has radio's Dr. Laura and even ABC's Bill Mahrer (who I find very little to agree with on his late night show Politically Incorrect). But the vast majority of voices being heard by America and the world have masked Islam as a milk toast non-threatening faith with only a few crazed extremists who strap bombs to their person or fly planes into buildings. (I wonder often how can any Christian - ANY PASTOR - stand by and through their silence act as if Allah and Jesus are somehow allies?)

The truth on the other hand is that Muslims simply CANNOT publicly agree that indeed the Quran calls for them to forcefully eliminate Christians and Jews. Herein lies the present confusion. True, many of them are "liberal" Muslims who like so-called "liberal Christians" merely claim to be followers of their religion and its god. Many others, with a sense of decency, honor for human life and the liberty of others, must be honestly troubled by some of the teaching set forth in the Quran. This denial that the Quran and historic Islam does in fact teach violence against other religions is compounded by the intense media spotlight shining directly on the likes of bin Laden's Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the PLO's Hamas and other groups who have gone about doing as the words of Mohammed actually command them to do. And though the best estimates tell us that only about 20% of Muslims worldwide align themselves with the so-called radical fundamentalists who pursue violence as a tenant of Islam that figure is still staggering considering there are well over one billion Muslims in the world today.

The December 13 release of the video tape showing bin Laden and others praising Allah for the ruthless destruction of thousands innocent human lives during the attack on our country has caused one of two reactions from Muslims. Either they denounce him and the terrorist actions or they clamor that the tape was "doctored" and denounce it itself. No one has heard any western Islamic leader publicly uphold terrorist bombings - until now.

Recently I received the following email which originated not from a PLO office still yet to be destroyed in the West Bank or from a cleric in Baghdad. It came from the leader of the Islamic Center of Everett, Washington. It calls the actions of suicide bombers "HEROIC ACTS" carried out by "HOLY WARRIORS!"

Obviously, this email was not meant for public consumption. It was intended for budding Islamic extremists to strengthen their resolve and plant more perverted seeds rationalizing the insanity of terrorist actions, in particular those recently perpetuated by the PLO's terrorist group Hamas in Israel.

-----Original Message-----
From: Z.Akbar [mailto:akbarzeb@xxxxxx.com] (email address withheld)
Sent: xxx, December xx, 2001 xx:xx PM-AM (time withheld)
To: (name withheld)

AssalamoAlykumm Brothers and Sisters,

CNN the propaganda channel is  calling some of the
Palestinian action as (Suicide bombers) horrific act
while we consider them to be HEROIC ACT. The so called
suicide bombers should be considered as HOLY WARRIORS
and not suicide bombers as the CNN puts it. Do they
expect people to do nothing when they have pushed
people out of their homeland with the propaganda of
the west. Little does the West know that every Muslim
in Palestine is a walking bomb, until such time
justice is served.

I have seen some of the documentary made on  HOLY
WARRIORS before they go out  in the path of ALLAH TALA
on a one way mission they have the last word with
their wives and children.

The HOLY WARRIOR is strapped all around with
explosives. His ultimate mission is to free his
brothers and sisters who are left behind subjected to
the oppression of Israel.

What CNN calls Horrific act We call HEROIC act
What CNN calls Suicide Bombers we call HOLY WARRIORS.

Suicide is something which a person does to put an end
to his OWN misery.

Holy Warrior does an act to free his brothers and
sisters from the oppression of Israel.

The non believers are so scare of dying, while a
Muslim knows he is going back to Allah Tala.
It is said that the Jannah is granted by Allah Tala
before the blood of the Martyr hits the ground.

What does Allah Tala says about oppression in the Holy

Translation: Shakir

                      [al-Baqarah 2:191] And kill them
wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence
                      they drove you out, and
oppression is severer than slaughter, and do not fight
with them at the
                      Sacred Mosque until they fight
with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay
them; such is the
                      recompense of the unbelievers.

I am not Alim I request all off you to do your own
reading and consult an Alim.

Please let me know if you would like an alternative
E-mail address added to the data base.

If some one is getting this E-mail more then once
plese (sic) let me know so I can delete one of the E-mail

Please let me have your comments and concerns.

This article is brought to you by the Islamic Center
of Everett.

It is stated in one of the Hadith that our prophet Muhammed Salella Alay Wasalm reported to have said that a person who is not interested in the affairs of the community is not one of us.

Aurangzeb M Akbar

As an aside let me remind you that God GAVE Israel the land it possesses and that the tiny sliver of land known as Israel is by far the most important real estate on the planet. The centuries-old conflict there is not about land. It is about the annihilation of the Jewish people - God's chosen. So make no mistake; the PLO doesn't really want land to settle on. They want the destruction of Israel as directed by the Quran. Publicly Arafat has talked peace for decades but privately and to the Moslem press, he has vowed the complete destruction of Israel.

Christians should be actively and lovingly pointing out the radical differences between Islam and Christianity; the Quran and the Bible and distancing ourselves from any so-called "Christian" who tries to integrate the notion that followers of Islam and Christianity somehow end up in the same eternal Heaven. How dare we defame the cross of Christ by silently standing by? We must point out with absolute certainty that Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus - ANYONE who leaves this world without Jesus Christ's blood covering their sins is destined for eternity separated from God in Hell! Either Jesus is the only way or He is a liar.

Every American needs to be aware of the true intent of Islam. Every Christian must understand that absolute necessity of sharing their faith with Muslims who need desperately to be set free from the chains of this religion of violence. As Americans in a free society, our goal should not be to forcefully eliminate Muslims for certainly civilized people cannot take this into our own hands. Our goal as believers should be to pray and witness trusting Almighty God to release Muslims from Islam's enslaving and deadly grip - one by one.

(c) copyright 2002, Eric Barger

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