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July 24, 2007


NOTE: This email was received through our website and was printed in the July 24, 2007 email update.

The criticism of Carlton Pearson is founded in the fear that current televangelists may have to suffer a loss from the huge sums of money they currently elicit from the weak, old, feeble and fearful. What is more, it is to be hoped that Pearson's message will change the world toward peace, which is more than can be said for the emotional and mental terrorism that is spread by the Fundamentalist right, which, among many other negative items, has led to a an American Administration that many consider to be the most destructive in history. In the end, the world will not survive unless we become all-inclusive. Only the imprisoned mind - the brainwashed - the ones who have committed intellectual suicide, will oppose Carlton Pearson's "Gospel of Inclusivity".

Henry - Canada



You are is a perfect example of a "drive by emailer" who wishes to simply take a potshot and not leave a valid email address so I could at least dialog with you.

Our ministry is not now and has never been prone to defend any televangelist. This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate some who are on the air but I'm probably more liable to hold my nose concerning so much that I see on religious television today. Why would I criticize anyone in order to pad the pockets of a televangelist?

My criticism of Carlton Pearson and other Inclusionists is completely based on their mishandling of the Scriptures. It would be great if Pearson was right, but it is actually intellectual suicide to reject the absolute truth of the Bible, replacing it with the perverted thoughts of a man who has turned out to be nothing more than a false prophet.

Calling Fundamentalists (i.e. Bible believers) terrorists and somehow equating that our inerrantist view of Scripture had anything to do with electing President Bush is as kooky and down right preposterous as anything anybody on the extreme left has ever said!

Part of one statement you wrote was entirely correct however. In the end, the world is not going to survive. God has already announced the events of the end days in His Word. It is in fact the most fatal flaw of man's thinking that we can somehow save the world. This is the open door which the coming Man of Sin, the Antichrist will enter through and in the process bring about mandating the exact religion that you are now lobbying for - Universal Inclusion.


Eric's Note: I once greatly appreciated the preaching and zeal of Carlton Pearson. It is painful to see a man, who it would appear once had a grip on the truth, go so far astray.

Several years ago I had an impromptu debate with Mike Williams, the man who is credited with influencing Pearson concerning Inclusionism. Williams, who operates a ministry called "Gospel Revolution" and has preached at Pearson's church, once sought deliverance from homosexuality. Perhaps this explains why, after attempting and then failing to find freedom from that lifestyle, he has adopted the heresy which states that all men are already saved whether they know it or not and that they have no part to play in the decision such as repentance from sin.

During the debate, which took place during a Q&A session at the end of one of Williams' meetings in a North Carolina hotel ballroom, he admitted to me and to all those present that he does not believe the New Testament is "inspired" text. I then asked him several times why then he continually cited New Testament passages in an effort to validate his teaching. No clear response was ever given to my question. I also repeatedly asked Williams to explain Revelation 22:12-16 in which Jesus Christ clearly states that "dogs" (i.e. "a man of impure mind, an impudent man") as well as sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters and liars are excluded from the Kingdom of God. Williams' answer was that I should buy his tape series.

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