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How You Can Help Us!

Someone recently asked, "How can we help your ministry". Here are some of the ways!

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)PRAYER!

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Tell your Pastor about our Seminar Ministry. This IS the primary function of our work and we'd love to share it with your congregation and city. Please click here...print these pages ("Who Are We?", "Ministry Missions Statement" and "Seminar Information"), take them to your pastor and then let us know your Church and Pastor's name and a contact address/phone number.

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Link to us - or suggest our site to another site or search engine (click here for site description, meta tags and also a banner you may use).

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Tell others about us. Send our newsletters or site URL to a friend.

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Buy books and tapes through us.

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Financial Giving is NEEDED! To give a gift, please click here.

bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes)Send us articles, information, site URL's that you think we should know about.

Thanks so much and God Bless YOU!

Eric & Melanie

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