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Halloween Ideas

by Bob Sperlazzo

We all know and agree that Halloween is general a diabolical
day, and has little positive input into offer our kids' lives, other
than free candy. Many Christians have made the decision to
"boycott" the event. But here is another suggestion that you
might also consider....................

Think about this: for two thousand years, the devil has been
actively infiltrating our holidays ("holy days"); and I might say,
he's been quite successful. Well, I suggest that it's time for
Christians to begin to take a cue and turn the tables on him.

We all know that Halloween is rooted in terrible rituals and
beliefs, but I honestly don't think that most of the little kids that
come to our door are into all of that. Now, please don't turn
me off just yet....

When kids come to the door, instead of locking the doors and
shutting off all the lights, or just planning to be gone, why not
open the doors and welcome them, and pray for them, and
make your home a light in the midst of the darkness?!

A few ideas:
* Carve cool-looking pumpkins that say "Jesus!" or have a
cross or dove conspicuously displayed.
* Give candy with a really good tract geared towards kids,
or tape a nickel or dime to an orange pumpkin that has the
words "Jesus Loves You!" written on them.
* Invite the kids up on the porch where you can pray for them
(with their permission or their parents')
* Go door-to-door with your kids dressed in Biblical or other
positive character costumes, and bless the people with "God
bless you!" or "Jesus loves you!" as you leave. Give them a
gift as well in the form of a good non-religious-looking tract.
* Host a safe party for the neighborhood kids where they play
games, have fun, hear the gospel and take it home with them.

Why not steal as many as possible from the theif who has stolen
from us for so many years?!!! Be creative and led by the Holy
Spirit, but don't be religious. In this way, the early Church was
able to change history. It's time to let our light shine during this
dark yearly event, as well!

God bless you as you do,
Bob Sperlazzo


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