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Halloween: In case you were curious

By Michael Tummillo

Talk about a subject on which there are TONS of questions from confused
Christians... that's Halloween.

October 31st IS a day the Lord has made and we Christians must rejoice
and be glad in it. However, even if there were no devil (unfortunately,
there IS) the fact is that hideous things are done in Satan's honor on that
day all around the globe. Halloween's history is very tainted. The file is
pretty thick on its evil history and current practices, not to mention crime
statistics from law enforcement officials. Flipping through the files, it's
strange how quickly the information flows into the subject of Witchcraft,
Satanism and violent crime.

Halloween is the most important festival of witchcraft. Its history
goes back 2000 years to the Druids, an ancient pre-Celtic priestly order of
Gaul, in honor of Samhain (pronounced Sa-Ween), Lord of the dead. Very
depraved people, these Druids! They're believed to have built Stonehenge,
the monolithic stone carvings in England where massive human sacrifices took
place. Stonehenge is believed to have been erected to calculate the sun's
movements and determine the exact day on which to honor the Earth Mother
goddess through human sacrifices. Which day would that be? Halloween, of

The name "Halloween" is derived from the phrase, "All Hallow's Eve,"
October 31st, the Eve of Samhain, the Celtic New Year. Samhain supposedly
called up all the evil souls who had died the previous year and demons,
fairies, elves, ghosts sprang up from the netherworld. To ensure fertility
to cattle and crops, firstborn children were offered as living sacrifices to
satisfy theses evil creatures. Today, we emulate these folkloric and demonic
practices by dressing up like monsters, demons, skeletons, the undead, as we
go to Halloween parties and "trick or treat." As Christians, we are to think
about that which is "...true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable...,"
(Phil. 4:8) and "...avoid the appearance of evil," (1 Thess. 5:22).

It was believed that these demons insisted upon "treats" to keep them
from performing their "tricks," or curses, on people's lives. So, people
would leave the finest food and drink for them on their doorsteps, usually
devoured by stray dogs, cats, wild animals and vagabonds. If dissatisfied
with the treats, it was feared they might enter the house causing destruction
of property or person, i.e., ruining a water well, killing cattle, souring
milk, sickness and even death.

In 834 A.D., the Catholic Church moved All Saints Day from May to
November 1st (to placate the Roman worshippers of Pomona, goddess of fruit
and trees), as well as the newly conquered descendants of the Druids in
Germany and Scandinavia. Thus, Halloween is often celebrated as the eve of
All Saints Day with the same reverence for the dead. Christianity is about
LIFE. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE," (Jn 14:6). He
said He came that we may have "...LIFE and LIFE more abundantly,"(Jn 10:10).
Our faith is not about death. We serve a Savior who said, "Death, where is
your sting?" (1 Cor 15:55). A Christian's focus should be on bringing that
resurrected, eternal life to others, and on making disciples.

Demons are not merely things of superstition. Symbols are the very
things used by those who have embraced the occult in the conjuring of the
spirits they represent. Hey, if symbols were meaningless, we could adorn the
walls of your church as safely with swastikas as with crosses! Bobbing for
apples? Originally a means of divining the future. Jack-o'-lanterns? Came
from a tale of a man who tricked the devil into leaving him alone and was
denied both Heaven and hell but lights his way at night carrying a glowing
coal in a carved out turnip. Witches are often pictured with black cats.
Practitioners of witchcraft believe these felines are the best lodging place
for familiar spirits, the demons who predict the future and act as guides for
a single witch or an entire coven. Ravens, owls, broomsticks, cauldrons ...
there is a wicked history to every aspect of Halloween's symbols and
traditions. "Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil roams around
like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour," (1 Peter 5:8).

Kids who are on the fringe, loners and thrill seekers desiring acceptance
or involvement are most prone to getting involved with deeper levels of
occult practices. Lots of these practices are ultimately on a criminal
level, not only spiritual. Many of our nation's convicts are behind bars as
a result of some crime committed in the name of Satan. Horror movies are one
way that multitudes of children are exposed to the occult, not to mention how
easily accessible this type of material is in the libraries. In schools,
books pertaining to spooky things are available to every age. Sure, they're
generally comical cartoons. If you were Satan, how would you lure a kid or
disarm an already uninformed parent?

As parents, if you're convicted of the spiritual significance of this
day, train your children accordingly. Train them not to be condemning of
those who DO celebrate Halloween, too. Use the occasion to be a loving
witness for Christ. If anyone asks why you do not celebrate, go ahead and
share. Not in a condemning or holier-than-thou manner, but speak the truth
in love. You may wish to pass out candy and gospel tracts to the kids who
stop by. In effort to substitute traditions (It's generally best to NEVER
just say 'no,' without giving kids a replacement), watch old black & white
comedies and eat junk food while handing candy and tracts to costumed
visitors. A pumpkin carved with the words "Jesus saves" or something similar
may even illuminate your window. As a family, pray for the safety of those
who unwittingly, or knowingly, participate, Christian or not. Make this
evening downright holy...and fun! Pray against those who may use the
opportunity to physically harm or kill an innocent person, with tainted
candies or through involvement in Satanic practices.

Yes, human sacrifices STILL take place in the name of Satan. While
Christian children (adults, too) are cajoling about in costumes and enjoying
the party atmosphere, REAL witches are celebrating the dead as they have for
2000 years, now with tax exempt status from the IRS, which recognizes the
religious nature of their beliefs. Satanists fellowship with the devil
himself; this is not a day to be scoffed at for them. It is their high
unholy day, a direct attack on Christianity for they blaspheme the beliefs of
no other major world religion. Harvest festivals and hayrides are great fun
but stay away from things that conjure up that spirit (demon) of Fear.
Horror movies and haunted houses, for example. Without asking, someone once
dragged my youngest off to a haunted house one Halloween and it took a great
deal of prayer to get the nightmares and constant fearfulness to cease (I was
livid)! "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," (Joshua 24:15).

Pray for wisdom and guidance. Don't be accusatory or condemning toward
others. Take advantage of every opportunity to share Christ and speak the
truth in love, as I'm sure you will!

1 Peter 2:9
2 Cor 6:14
Deut 18
James 4:4

Don't obey the Christian "rule" to ignore Halloween. Don't follow the
direction of your church tradition either, or the comments of unconcerned
Christian friends who are throwing a Halloween party and want you to attend,
the pressure of your excitable children, or the council of a friend or pastor
who may be uninformed on this subject. They may simply be unaware. You may
wish to share this article with others and request the prayerful comments.
Pray and listen to the Holy Spirit to see what He will have YOU do
differently, if anything, on the subject of Halloween. Then, do the right
thing! Your house, too, must serve the Lord!

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