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After concluding and interview with the Family Research Council's Robert Knight concerning the Supreme Court's recent decision that the Boy Scouts can refuse gay scout leaders CBS's "Early Show" host Bryant Gumbel, thinking his microphone was off commented, "He's (Knight) a f------ idiot!". The incident happened on Thursday June 30th.

Below is my letter to the Chairman of CBS dated July 8th.


If indeed it is true that the Early Show's Bryant Gumbel used the "f---" word in reference to the Family Research Council’s Robert Knight, then he needs to be dismissed immediately by CBS.

I will refrain from watching all CBS programs with the exception of "Touched by an Angel" and from supporting any sponsor I know of that advertises on CBS until this matter is resolved.

I will also be encouraging my subscribers, both on the Internet and through postal mail to likewise.

It is one thing to disagree with the viewpoints of others. It is quite another to use such abusive and condescending language.

CBS needs to make a complete apology to America.

Eric Barger
Take A Stand! Ministries
Rowlett, TX

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