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Why does Take A Stand! Ministries Allow Our Needs to be Known?

In a message dated 1/7/2003 12:58:02 PM Central Standard Time, xxxxxxxx@iprimus.com.au writes:

Dear Eric,
Blessings to you and your family. It seems to me that the Lord has always come through for you in His ministry. I was wondering if you realised how it looks from this end that you seem to always request funds for this or that... I can quote you many scriptures about our fathers provision and that he knows our every thought and knows the number of every hair on our head and his plans are to prosper us and knows our expected end. Thus I wondered whether it may be better if you simply allowed Father God to provide for you without uttering a word to the readers and taking your every request to Him who is Jehovah Jireh. It is Gods work therefore he knows exactly how much you need and when. Because I realise you know the word of God I wont provide you with scriptures to back up what I speaking about. I am a pensioner and so funds are very limited for us but the Lord has always provided for us and I've only had to ask Him.
Many Blessings
(name withheld)


Thanks for your kind thoughts my brother. I hope you are not offended by my answer and want you to know that I often testify that God has done exactly as you have said - that is come through for us.

I do however believe that we are to share our needs with others for prayer and for the physical meeting of those needs. It is a primary concept of Scripture to bare each others burdens. There are many, MANY situations that we NEVER share with others. Each and every need we have is presented to God in faith. But in the case of a need such as for the new video projector I have written about recently I believe that through prayer and thought sharing the need was more than appropriate.

How often I have been reminded by others that people would not know how to pray for or participate with us if they were not first allowed to hear the various situations we face. Melanie and I have lived without an actual paycheck since January 1, 1985, placing our complete reliance upon God to provide for each and every need. And He has NEVER let us down. And for every need He has directed someone to come along side of us and either physically or financial provide.

My friend, while it does sound more spiritual to say "I'm just going to silently believe God" and while I certainly do trust Him to meet every present and future need, it is not a lack of faith to express those needs occasionally to those who have joined with or expressed prior interest in the work that God has called us to do. I wonder how many relationships would never have been spawned or how many blessings might never have been mounted up in Heaven if the needs which we face here on earth were never uttered to one another so as to be met?

Bless you in all you do and thanks for your continued prayers and support to the Lord's work through us here.


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