Entertaining Spirits Unaware:
The End-Time Occult Invasion

by Eric Barger and David Benoit

Updated edition 2011



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Book Reviews

"I attended one of your sessions at the 'Teach' conference in Houston TX. The information found in your book 'Entertaining Spirits Unaware' is life-changing information. Thank you for researching this information and sharing it. I have 3 children and am usually very cautious of what I allow them to see and hear but have let them do things like play "pokemon" simply because the children they go to church with do it. Boy does Satan really have us fooled. Also, I am an administrator in a small Christian school. The head administrator and I attended the conference together and she also bought your book and we purchased the video to share with our staff. As Christian educators it is vital that we be aware of what these children are being exposed to."
-- Barbara, Texas


"I just received the copy of your latest book on the occult invasion and read it in two days. It is very easy reading, and contains a great deal of valuable information. The material is presented from a solidly biblical emphasis! Your book also gives a great application to the current worldview that is present with believers as we live and minister today! May through the reading of your book more believer's eyes be opened to what is happening all around us in the subtle and not so subtle methods of the wicked one! I am currently teaching a Bible Institute class dealing with the cults and the New Age Movement and your book will definitely be on my suggested reading list for my students. God bless you (and David) both! And thanks again for the valuable resource to keep us informed of Satan's attack through the occultic forces at work in the world today!"
-- Dr. Kevin M. Novess Sr., Michigan


"Your book has a standard of excellence rarely seen in today's publishing market."
-- Margaret Moberly, Mt. Zion Ministries, Texas (author, FireBride)


"I just finished reading your new book, and I needed to let everyone know that it's a must for every church library and should be for every Christian home. Our children and grandchildren are being brought up in a violent and deceiving world, and they trust their parents, grandparents, and Sunday School teachers to protect them from things they know not of. For many years I thought I was "out on a limb" because I seldom watch television. It's not a popular stance in this "hollywood" world, but Eric we've read the end of the book, and we know who wins! I call all intercessors to pray cover over this ministry, and to email your encouragements!"
-- Beverly King, The Desert Walker Prayer Ministries, Missouri

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