Entertaining Spirits Unaware:
The End-Time Occult Invasion

by Eric Barger and David Benoit

Updated edition 2011



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Part One: Nine Forbidden Practices

1. Nine Forbidden Practices

2. Human Sacrifice, Abortion and the Occult

3. Divination (Fortune Telling)

4. Astrology

5. Enchanters

6. Witchcraft

7. Charmers

8. Familiar Spirits

9. Wizards, Magicians and Sorcerers

10. Necromancy—Voices from Hell


Part Two: Doorways to the Devil
(Entertaining Spirits Unaware)

11. Enemy Infiltration

12. Now a Word from Their Sponsors—Satan!

13. Parents Beware! - What’s in that Cartoon?

14. Hollywood: "Spaced Out"—More Than Just Fantasy

15. The Magick of Harry Potter

16. The Weird World of Pokémon

17. Halloween: This Trick is No Treat!

18. What Then Must We Do?

19. Our Last Word

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