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"Now in our twentieth year of standing for truth!"

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A Loud Pop...then Smoke and Flames

The Pastor was about to finish his prayer just before introducing me on Sunday morning. As he prayed, there was a loud pop, a sizzling sound as the wires began to catch fire and then smoke began to roll out as the fire became obvious for everyone seated close by.

OK, I know that sounds dramatic but it was a rather disconcerting situation as my video projector billowed smoke as it sat perched on its stand in the third row of the congregation last Sunday morning. By the time I hurried to it, it was obvious that the electronics were indeed fried and that it was going to be a total loss and thus ended the life of our first video projector. Whether it was a defective bulb (1300 lumens) or something else, the warranty had expired and we are now without an integral item which has become vital to our seminar and preaching presentations.

If you have attended my presentations in churches or conferences then you can relate to just how crucial the use of a video projector really is. It has allowed me to use my lap top computer to highlight Bible Scriptures, data, facts, quotes, outlines and animations that have added powerfully to the effectiveness of the teaching/preaching ministry.

Though we've only had the projector less than two years, the improvements in technology have been tremendous in that time. When we purchased our now burnt-to-a-crisp projector it was the most powerful portable projector available. Now - for about half the money we paid in 2001 - we can purchase a new projector that is more than twice the power of the old one. It's ironic that just moments before last Sunday's service I mentioned to the Pastor that we really needed to buy a new (more powerful) projector. I actually joked THAT I WAS GOING TO START RAISING FUNDS FOR IT THIS WEEK! I was only kidding - honest! Little did I know that I would ACTUALLY be doing so out of necessity before week's end.

As many of you know, December and January is a bad time for us to attempt raising money for anything besides just paying the ongoing ministry expenses. It is always the leanest time of the year. However, we need to raise the money for a new projector and do it quickly.

I realize that we just mailed out our "End of the Year" mailer reminding you to consider giving to the ministry a few days ago. However, I now need you to consider making a special gift early in this New Year to help us meet this immediate need.

We need $2700 above budget this week. Perhaps you can give a significant amount toward this need. Maybe you can give just a small gift. But as always every gift will be greatly appreciated and will be used to further the work of the Kingdom of God. We surely covet your prayers concerning this need as well.

To everyone who gives, we'll gratefully send a cassette copy of the message "Memorials for God" - which I preached last Sunday morning at our home church (where Melanie and I are members) in Rockwall, Texas. I believe this message will inspire and challenge you to be a walking, living, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week testimony - a memorial for God!

Thanks so much for coming to our side and helping to meet this immediate need!

Jude 3 always,

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