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March, 2017

Articles About The Shack
and the Other Writings of Paul Young
by Dr. James B. De Young


NOTE: All articles linked here are with the author's permission.
They are
© 2017 Copyright James B. De Young.

Unmasking the Deceit in the Gospel Fiction
According to Paul Young with Attendant Ethical Concerns

THE MOVIE, “THE SHACK”: How the Film Is Anti-Christian, Anti-Marriage, Anti-American

21 Statements by Which to Identify Universalism in The Shack

The Frightening Implications of the Ten Basic Beliefs of Universal Reconciliation

8 Questions for the Fiction of Universalism

Comparison of Teachings: The Shack and the Bible

The Shack: Does it Promote Idolatry?

Lost at the Back of The Shack - A Torrent of Universalism

UNIVERSALISM - Its Distortions and Dangers
(Dr. De Young's original 2004 response to Paul Young's declaration of Universal Reconciliation)

The Sledgehammer of Universalism

A Warning to Pastors


About Paul Young's OTHER Books

The Truth Versus Lies or, The Bible and Paul Young
(A review of Lies We Believe About God by Wm. Paul Young)

Review of Crossroads, a novel by Wm. Paul Young

Review of Eve, a novel by Wm. Paul Young

Jim De Young - Bio

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