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Thank God for Christian Education!

By Eric Barger

Recently I had a conversation with Dr. Lillian Mark, the founder and chief administrator of Alpha Beacon Christian School, a predominant Christian school in California. As we talked she commented on watching my video, "The MOST Dangerous Cult" which details the denominational slide into the theological abyss of liberalism. "Eric, we need a real revival in our churches!" she stated. "We’re seeing the results of the deadness in the churches in the lives of some of our students." During the conversation we both went on to recount the absolute importance of not just having Christians engaged in the secular educational world, but the need for solid, no nonsense Christian schools. The gap between light and darkness, truth and lies is widening ever more in the field of education. There are Bible believers on one flank and atheists on the other and both are vying for the mind and future of the collective student body.

I have known the leadership and staff at Alpha Beacon for many years, having ministered in and for their school on numerous occasions. They have a heart for God and a pure desire to see lives changed for the glory of God. More than just imparting information in a "safe" environment, their goal is to induce a hunger for God and to stir revival in the hearts of the students. The Church worldwide sorely needs more brilliant people like them who have opted for the Lord’s work instead of the big bucks their talents could have garnered elsewhere. I personally thank God for the few who are standing in the gap in an effort to train tomorrow’s leaders to be powerful saints of God without spot or wrinkle.

During our conversation my friend mentioned a recent event that illustrated one of the key battles within Christianity today. Some time ago after a nationally-recognized speaker had addressed their annual banquet the school received at least one critical note complaining about the presentation. The writer bemoaned that such strong stands on cultural issues were out of place. The note expressed that the non-inclusive and intolerant views on America’s foundations and Christian heritage as presented by the speaker could possibly induce people to withdraw their children from the school. In essence, the complaint was in favor of compromise concerning issues that the Bible unquestionably makes a clear cut stand on and an abandonment of factual history replacing such with a more "politically correct" approach. I do not know exactly what was said by the speaker in question but I do know that this complaint is symptomatic of the very root of the problem facing pastors and Christian leaders today. How do you operate according to the Bible when those around you lobby for compromise and want to water down the truth?

Why is this happening so widely today? Part of the dilemma is biblical ignorance or outright rejection of scriptural truth on behalf of church members. This opens the way for the deception currently being fostered by many alleged Christians which hypothesizes that strong preaching in favor of traditional marriage, for the rights of the unborn or which condemns sin and endorses sanctified living will drive people away from church. But regardless of the reasons, when the church reverts from taking biblical stands - no matter how tough they may be - the enemy wins.

Without doubt theological liberalism has overtaken many once-sound churches and denominations. The "feel good gospel" which fits the bill of being politically correct has replaced sound doctrine and biblical stands on social issues with a "different gospel" (Gal 1:8-9). This results in either outright silence concerning societal issues or blatant reversals of Scriptural teaching concerning what ails the world around us.

So you say, "OK, OK Eric. My family attends a scripturally sound church." Great. But why bring your children to a good church on Sunday and then deliver them to be taught from curriculum that endorses evolution, New Age thought and open promiscuity including the acceptability of homosexuality Monday through Friday?

This trend is exacerbated once your child leaves high school. A recent national survey pointed out that only one of seven university professors were politically conservative! Author and researcher, David Horowitz says that figure is actually one of every nine professors nationally and that an astounding one of thirty assistant professors fall into the conservative camp! These professors regularly spend class time espousing every Satanic theme imaginable from evolution to Marxism while singing the praises of America’s enemies worldwide. Perhaps most obvious is their venom against conservative thinkers (who find their grades suffering if they dare not conform) but the most disdained group are any evangelical Christians who dare share their faith with others. No wonder that a shocking percentage of young people from Christian homes go off to university only to return as left-leaning atheists who hate our military, love our foes and wish to see our form of government become a thing found only in the history books. Isn’t it obvious how desperately we need straight forward Biblical teaching to mold our children and grandchildren into the men and women God desires them to become? It sadly doesn’t take much indoctrination by the educators, the press and Hollywood with help from our own fallen nature to turn spiritually immature hearts away from Heaven.

My administrator friend, Dr. Mark, reiterated to me that we must never back down from addressing biblical truths and a social agenda that parallels the Scriptures. Higher education is wonderful - as long as it doesn’t trample biblical truth. However, far too many Christian parents seem oblivious to the complete atheistic, humanistic and hedonistic agenda awaiting their children from the first grade right through grad school in the government schools today. Is the trophy of proclaiming that "my child attends such and such a university" worth them losing their souls for all eternity?

(c) copyright 2004, Eric Barger

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