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Eric & Melanie Barger


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Eric Barger's live seminar dissects the complicated world of Islam and documents the life and revelations of its prophet, Muhammad, the Koran, the Muslim "Jesus" and looks at the origin and identity of Allah, "the moon god"

Reading directly from Muslim sources and the Koran, Eric also looks at Islamic claims that it is a "peaceful" religion, the call for "Jihad," the 9/11 terrorists and the pronounced Islamic intent to "cover the planet for Allah."

Witnessing to Muslims may be the most difficult task in evangelism today, but they are NOT beyond the outstretched hand of the Savior and His Cross! Learn how to see Islamic people set free through your efforts!

Over an hour in length, this digitally recorded and mastered material (available in VHS video or DVD format) would be perfect for Sunday School, small groups and individual and family viewing.

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